Choose cash loan amount and terms for payment and discover instalment amaount!


If you need cash but don't want to think about hidden costs choose Cash loan without any additional costs.

If you need to refinance your debts choose Cash loan for refinance. In case you need extra cash you can apply for a bigger sum than you need for refinance.

With Telenor banka, you can apply for credit products even faster and easier - wherever you are! Skip the steps that take time and find out the answer for approval easily and quickly. Apply for cash loan or credit card online, without visiting the bank, and deliver the necessary documents after credit product approval. 

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Required amount

300.000 RSD


Loan duration

Months: 24


Progresiv+ customers


Fixed Interest Rate

3.020 RSD

Monthly Installment

2.568,30 RSD

Total payment amount

Other customers*


Fixed Interest Rate

3.020 RSD

Monthly Installment

2.568,30 RSD

Total payment amount

*Customers that don’t receive their salary/pension through Telenor bank in minimum amount of 20.000 RSD

Values shown in this calculator are strictly informative. Annuity height is calculated in the moment of loan realization and could be slightly different from the shown. In the case of Variable Interest Rate loan, Telenor bank uses the value of 6M BELIBOR.

For loans with maturity over 36 months:
Interest rate for Progresiv + customers is 6M BELIBOR +5.30%
Interest rate for Other customers is 6M BELIBOR + 7.30%

On February 28th 2017, the value of 6M BELIBOR is 3.71%.

NIR=EIR, the customer does not have additional costs for the loan.

*Calculator is informative


By constantly updating of exchange rates during the day, Telenor banka endeavours to provide its clients with most favourable conditions for money exchange.

All exchange rates are updated in real time, while it’s possible to buy, i.e. sell Euros, as the most used currency in Serbia, on the Internet and with mobile application at the most favourable exchange rates on the market.

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