Progresiv package

Cash loan

Credit card

(RSD) Term deposit

Open current account



Required amount

300.000 RSD


Loan duration

Months: 24



Fixed Interest Rate

3.020 RSD

Monthly Installment

2.568,30 RSD

Total payment amount

Values shown in this calculator are stricktly informative. Annuity height is calculated in the moment of credit realisation and could be slightly different from the shown.

In the case of Variable Interest Rate credit, variable element of Interest Rate is 6m BELIBOR, which is expressed on 25th of August. In the moment of credit submission, rate could vary from the shown in this calculator, due to changed Interest Rate.

*Calculator is informative

Do you know...?

Do you know...?

Did you know that you can open the account without going to the bank? Quick and easy at Online application.

Internet banking

Internet banking

Internet Banking allows you to access Telenor banka via your desktop or laptop computer.
Register and use all services of Telenor banka whenever you wish


By constantly updating of exchange rates during the day, Telenor banka endeavours to provide its clients with most favourable conditions for money exchange.
All exchange rates are updated in real time, while it’s possible to buy, i.e. sell Euros, as the most used currency in Serbia, on the Internet and with mobile application at the most favourable exchange rates on the market.

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Buy Middle Sell
CHF 110.181 115.494 120.806
EUR 123.400 123.948 124.400
GBP 139.680 143.408 147.137
NOK 13.405 13.749 14.092
USD 113.028 116.045 119.062