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What we value is vivacity, innovation, and constant development. In our work we face great challenges on a daily basis, which we overcome and then set new goals – to be even better, to push the envelope, and to keep up with world trends.


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Careers at Telenor banka

We are always on the lookout for new people who will add value to Telenor banka. Take a look at open positions and submit your resume or subscribe to our newsletter.

Internship at Telenor banka

You do not have to be a 22 year old, have a college degree, or four years of work experience – we provide the selected candidates with an opportunity to make their first step and obtain relevant real-life experiences that pertain to their education. Take a look at open positions for internship.


Unique employment opportunities

We are open to giving a chance to all who possess an entrepreneurial spirit, who have faith in themselves and their skills, and who want direct responsibility for the results of their work.

Telenor Good News

The quarterly newsletter Telenor Good News (Telenor dobre vesti) provides information about the latest trends in human resources, ads for open positions, and plenty of advice that can help you in your search for employment.