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In addition to cash withdrawals and balance inquiries, at Telenor ATMs you can:

  • deposit RSD or EUR in your account free of charge and the funds will be available to you immediately,
  • change or unblock PIN,
  • exchange foreign currencies.

Do your most common banking activities on the go, without waiting in line and working hours. 


Without visiting the branch, at the nearest Telenor shop you can: 

  • sign contract with the bank, 
  • submit the required documentation to the Telenor banka team.

The first mobile bank in Serbia is always at easy reach. For any banking activities that you wish to do personally with the members of our team, please visit the Telenor banka branch at 88 Omladinskih brigada Street in Airport City. There you can do all standard banking transactions, card-related tasks, obtain or submit documents.

Working hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM to 5 PM