If you need cash but don't want to think about hidden costs choose Telenor banka Cash loan. 


Cash loan terms

Cash loan amount from 60.000 RSD to 1.000.000 RSD
Repayment from 6 to 60 months
Ročnost Up to 36 months 37-60 months
Interest rate (annually) for those who recieve paychek/pension via Telenor banka 11,75% fixed 14,00% fixed
Interest rate (annually) for those who do not recieve paychek/pension via Telenor banka 13,75% fixed 16,00% fixed
Request processing fee* 2.100 RSD
Early repayment fee Free of charge
Credit bureau charge Free of charge
Offer is valid from May 10th 2019.
*During promo period until June 30th 2019. there will be no Credit bireau charge.

Cash loan and credit card

With our Cash Loan you also get a preapproved credit card with 30,000 dinars, with no maintenance fee. If you already use Telenor Bank credit card or you have submitted a request for one, you will not get an additional one, but the maintenance fee will be free of charge for the existing credit card. 

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How to apply?


Required documents


Full-time employees

  • Employment type and income verification document signed by the employer / authorised persons (one copy).
  • Administrative ban (two copies). If the client’s employer does not issue standing order, further information can be requested at 
  • PPDG5/PPDG2R - income tax return document for incomes above a certain amount
Employment type and income verification document Sample employment type and income verification document Download administrative ban document (PDF) Download filed administrative ban document sample (PDF)


  • Pensioner’s cheques for previous three months or a Confirmation letter issued by Pension and disability  insurance Fund (PIO Fund) of RS
  • Copy of a confirmation letter certified by the authorized pension fund – document translation by registered court interpreter (for foreign currency pensioners). A translation is not required for foreign currency pensioners who receive their pension payments from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina or Montenegro.
  • Domestic bank statement for the last 6 months (for foreign currency pensioners)

Who is eligible to apply?

Application procedure

Loan payoff