Save in dinars and plan a lot more, even if you withdraw your savings early

The best way to save your money is in dinars! Dinar Term Deposits in Telenor banka have excellent interest rates and very favorable terms if you decide to withdraw your savings early. Choose whether you want to deposit money for 6 or 12 months, and depending on that, you get a great interest of 3.00% for a 6-month term deposit or 3.70% for a 12-month deposit term on savings.


What if I withdraw the sum before the agreed deadline?

No problem - with our dinar term deposit you get half of the interest in case of premature withdrawal. More specifically, if the money is initially time-matched for a period of 6 months, the interest in the case of early withdrawal is 1.00%, while for the money due for 12 months, interest for early withdrawal is 1.50%.


To start a savings in Telenor banka you should have an active current account, and all the following steps when opening a savings account are simple. Through the online application, in the Products catalog, you should choose a Term deposit (RSD). 

When you opening a savings account, enter a desired amount which will automatically be transferred from your current account. At the moment of starting the opening process for the savings account, the available balance on your current account must be the same or greater than the amount that you want to deposit to term deposit account which you’ll be opening at that moment.

Amount 60.000 -20.000.000 RSD*
Currency RSD
Tenor 6 and 12 months
NIR=EIR, fixed annual interest rate
6 months - 3,60 %
12 months - 4,00 % 
Annual interest rate in a case of the complete premature term cancellation
6 months – 1,00 %
12 months – 1,50 %
Interest calculation method Conformal method
Maturity date 6 or 12 months from the date when term deposit account is opened
Beginning of usage The date when the term deposit account is opened
Collaterals For the invested assets on the RSD term deposit account, Telenor banka guarantees with its total assets, based on the Contract.
The number of products per customer It’s possible to have unlimited number of term deposit accounts
* The total amount of deposit per customer can be 20,000,000 RSD.

Sample of the Term deposit (RSD)

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